Our Mission

We provide holistic education in English and Lao for generations of Lao people who will possess the right moral, mental and educational upbringing to positively influence their community and country through excellent service in all sectors of society.

As the country of Laos embarks on changes to improve its economy and prepare its future generations, good education is a priority. There is a pressing need for institutions of excellence which will produce not only academically sound men and women, but people of integrity and vision who can lead the country forward along its path to development.

About SMS

By God’s grace, we are 10!

Every school should strive to be:

A real place, a microcosm of the wider world;

A true place, one that upholds the good, the true, the beautiful and the trustworthy;

A challenging place, a mental gymnasium that trains the developing mind and the moral core;

A loving place, where learning and teaching take place among friends who can bond as brothers and sisters.


SMS Curriculum

In keeping with our school’s foundations, we have specially adapted key elements of the successful Singapore national curriculum and infused these into our teaching and learning approaches. For subject-specific domains, these are to achieve:

  • Language literacy and proficiency
  • Mathematical numeracy and heuristics
  • Scientific critical thinking and process skills
  • Creativity and aesthetic appreciation

The core of our curriculum was designed by an academic team of teachers and consultants with years of experience as school leaders. The school’s academic programme is assessed externally at regular intervals to ensure it achieves its aims and outcomes, while remaining relevant to the learning needs of its students.



We have both Kindergarten and Primary School admission. 
Kindergarten admission begins at age 3 for K1. Our Kindergarten graduates will be given priority for admission into our Primary School programme. Primary school admission begins at age 6 for Primary One.