Our best memories should be of school.

We spend so much of our formative years in school and the school-going experience, whether good or bad, marks us for life. If good, it should form the platform from which we soar. So it is important, no crucial, that school be a good place — not merely a place to impart knowledge (in fact, that should be the school’s least important function) – but for imparting the desire to improve, to become better, to become the best one can be.

Every school should strive to be:

A real place, a microcosm of the wider world;

A true place, one that upholds the good, the true, the beautiful and the trustworthy;

A challenging place, a mental gymnasium that trains the developing mind and the moral core;

A loving place, where learning and teaching take place among friends who can bond as brothers and sisters;

At SMS, this is what we commit ourselves to doing, whether as teachers, managers, guides, counsellors or supporters: to create an environment where your children can be inspired and nurtured into those fine young men and women who will change the future by their lives.

Welcome to our school.