Kindergarten Admission

Kindergarten admission begins at age 3 for K1. In the situation where older children seek a transfer to our kindergarten from another establishment, we will likely require an admission placement assessment to assign the year level (K1, K2 or K3). This usually takes the form of an interview with the parents and the child.

Our Kindergarten graduates will be given priority for admission into our Primary School programme.

Primary School Admission

Primary school admission begins at age 6 for Primary One. For students at all Primary levels, there might also be a requirement for English Language remedial sessions outside of school hours to improve language proficiency. This is important as we find that language comprehension correlates with the rate at which one learns.

Students not previously enrolled at our Kindergarten who are interested in enrolling for our Primary School programme at P1 (or any other level) will be required to sit for an admission assessment for language and year grouping. This is important as admission to the appropriate school level helps ensure students are motivated and engaged in their learning.