As the regional economy grows, Singapore is increasingly being seen to be the destination of choice for students from neighbouring ASEAN countries seeking to further their education. 

Education in Singapore is synonymous with accredited quality, where a wide range of studying opportunities abound within a forward-looking cosmopolitan environment.

Singapore’s public schooling system consists of six years of primary school and either four (Express) or five (Normal) years of secondary school. Students then enrol in a Junior College, Polytechnic or Institute of Technical Education course of their choosing.

Students graduate from each school level with accredited and internationally-recognised qualifications such as the GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels, and polytechnic diplomas. These allow them to then pursue tertiary studies either at state-funded public universities or the many private institutions of higher learning which complement the education landscape.

With qualifications obtained through studying in Singapore, international graduates often find a plethora of opportunities beckoning in a globalised economy.

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